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Automating Outlook with Excel    open in new window            
Automation allows you to use the functionality of one program from within another program. In this article, Dick Kusleika discusses using Outlook's functionality from within an Excel application. With Automation, you can manipulate Outlook's objects using Visual Basic for Applications in Excel.
[ Affiliated: December 02, 2007 ]

Das Office-Objektmodell und die Automation    open in new window              
The Microsoft Office applications can be automated by self-written programs. Whether one provides new documents and fills these automatically, adds new tables and diagrams, or prints out a paper from a program, everything is possible.
[ Affiliated: August 21, 2005 ]

Excel und Outlook    open in new window          
Several samples on connecting Excel with Outlook, e. g. to transfer appointments from Excel to Outlook or list Outlook contacts in Excel.
[ Affiliated: September 29, 2014 ]

mossSOFT OLConnector    open in new window            Freeware
COM-Addin for Microsoft Outlook 2000/2003 to avoid the security dialog on automation.
[ Affiliated: June 05, 2006 ]

Ways to transfer MS Access data to Excel    open in new window          
Article contains descriptions and comparative analysis of different ways to put data from MS Access to Excel .
[ Affiliated: December 19, 2004 ]

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